Natural Minerals Talc for Agriculture



Natural Minerals Talc for Agriculture


Natural Minerals talcs are ideal for seed coating with the following advantages:

  • Improved seed flow rate and seeder application control
  • Talc application improves seed size uniformity, which provides more consistent seed application and reduces over seeding.
  • Talc is lower in pH than limestone which reduces seed germination pH issues.
  • Talc reduces abrasiveness and planter equipment wear.
  • Talc is an excellent carrier for all types of seed additives such as fungicides, herbicides, and nitrogen fixing bacteria.
  • Talc is chemically inert and extends the seed shelf life.

In Agricultural Premixes and Animal Feed, Natural Minerals talcs:

  • Improves the flowability of sticky Ag premix ingredients such as urea (non-protein nitrogen) cottonseed, oily meals, or molasses additives.
  • Are a low cost magnesium supplement.
  • In addition to anti-caking agent, dielubricant, and dispersing agent, talc speeds up the drying and packaging processes, and improves the shelf life of ag and animal feed products. 


In Agricultural chemicals, Natural Minerals talcs:

  • Are a good inert carrier for insecticides, fungicides, and herbicides allowing more uniform distribution, a reduction in active ingredient, and improved shelf life.

In Fertilizers, Natural Minerals talcs:

  • Provide a good anti-caking coating for ammonium nitrate and granular fertilizers.
  • Improve handling and drying which speeds the packaging process.


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